Never Work II, or the Endless Praise of Laiziness

Collective Idleness with THE KNOT Team & Guests

 “Let’s be lazy in all things, But not lazy in love and wine, But not lazy in laziness.”
Gotthold Ephraim Lessi

On 1st of May, when Berlin will be totally busy with various manifestations, we invite you to join KNOT team for the modest session of collective idleness. Recently artists, instead of being jolly agents of waste and free time, became ever-active, ultra-capitalist self-entrepreneurs. We'll try to go against these unfortunate trends, and force ourselves to indulge in non-productive laziness. We will revitalize the glorious traditions of political and artistic avant-garde and will follow such prominent figures like Paul Lafargue, Kazimir Malevich or Guy Debord, who located the main source of human misery in the alienated wage labor. Endlessly praising laziness, we demand abolishment of forced labor for all! 

Saturday, 01.05.2010 | 12:00

Berlin Kulturforum Event