Lecture and presentation of the project by Maya Weyermann (in collaboration with Krzysztof Visconti)

Maja Weyermann will perform at the KNOT an audio-visual presentation about her most recent project real-time-nomads which she is realizing in Berlin at present.

Real-Time-Nomads starts with the observation that immigration is a vital and fascinating aspect of urban reality. Cities have always been a meeting place for people of various backgrounds. This phenomenon is being fed by our increasing mobility. The constantly growing cultural diversity in Europe is nonetheless not seen only as enriching, but some specific groups of new arrivals are perceived as „problematic fringe groups“.

The retail workplaces of people from various backgrounds form the stations of the exciting journey the artist Maja Weyermann takes us on. In the course of this tour we will reflect on the increasing mixture of fictional, virtual and real spaces taking place. Weyermann has interviewed these business owners about their childhood spaces and simulated those spaces in 3-D based on her interviews. In this way, virtual spaces are created from the superimposing of the interview partners’ memories and the artist’s imagination.

Real-Time-Nomads is supported from the European Cultural Foundation.

Sunday, 04.07.2010 | 20:00

Warsaw Ursynów Event