Television cooking

Cooking and memories sharing with Silke Baumann and Reinhard Pelger

Television cooking is about readopting former self-evident skills after
lost after one or two generations and migration. having some roots in
rural south eastern Europe, living in Berlin makes you feel hungry for
the dishes mama and grandma made in your childhood and the smells and tastes
of your holiday at "home" like your parents called those strange and
distant places 20 or 30 years ago. But having some basil and a tomato in
front of the window of your flat in Berlin Kreuzberg isn't enough,
spending money at the yuppies organic store just for the reminiscence of
a carrot out of the soil behind the house is nothing but sad. Guerilla
and community gardening next to your U-Bahn station is hip and ok, but
not the real thing either.
What you need is a barrel of Kraut, a machine to make sausage, a
chicken still warm and the most delicious Apfelstrudel on earth. The
recipes we are collecting in our families themselves have their origins
in different countries and ages, some were meant only to be made on
weddings, others not to be made on Sundays. Those born in poverty often
taste best.
At the KNOT we want to show a couple of the recipes we collected on
video and also want to make some Suevian Kaesspaetzle together with our

Saturday, 30.10.2010 | 15:00

Bucharest Event