Screenings from the Corner Flat

Screenings of films proposed and curated by Stefan Rusu

MALLdova - a film realized within the project RO-MD/Moldova in two scenarios - a project produced by KSAK (www.art.md/2008/ro_md_expo.html)

TRANSITION-DVD#3 la Plic - a project for the magazine Revista la Plic produced by Oberliht Association (plic.oberliht.com)

Screenings proposed by Stefan Rusu, part of his project The Corner Flat (unrealized).

MALLdova, Video,36’33”, 2008

A film by Tatiana Fiodorova, Vladimir Us, Vadim Ţigănaş and Denis Bartenev produced in the frame of “RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios” and organised in 2008 by KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau with the financial suport from CANTEMIR program/ICR, Bucharest, PATTERNS program/ERSTE Foundation, Viena, MONDRIAAN Stichting, Amsterdam.

“MALLdova” film is a series of chronicles through which the authors intend to coment and reflect upon the current situation of economy, culture, public sphere, and other aspects of the society in the Republic of Moldova in a form specific to counter-documentary style.


Transition is a project (DVD#3) within the magazine Revista la PLIC/ October 2010/ literature, art, attitude (plic.oberliht.com)produced by Oberliht Association/ Chisinau in collaboration with [KSA:K] - Centre for Contemporary Art Chisinau (ww.art.md).


5 years   |   2007   |   video, 3’18” - CÂRNU Andreea (RO)

Harekillin’   |   2005   |   7’28” - SCERBINA Igor (MD/RU)

YES&NO   |   2007   |   6’28” - FIODOROVA Tatiana (MD)

Gomenidan is alive   |   2009   |   60” - VERLAN Mark (MD)

My   |   2009   |   23’47” - POPESCU Ghenadie (MD)



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