Matter & History

Guided tours of missing monuments in Bucharest

Matter & History

A project by Anca Benera

Wed. 27 October, 16:30 - Guided tour in English with Angelica Iacob, about the statue "Liberated Romania" by C. D. Rosenthal in Carol Park

Fri. 29 October, 16:30 - Guided tour in Romanian with Fiorella Belciu about the statue of Stalin by Dumitru Demu, at the entrance to Herastrau Park, Charles de Gaulle Square

Sat. 30 October, 16:30 - Guided tour in Romanian with Fiorella Belciu about the monument dedicated to Ion C. Bratianu by Ernest-Henri Dubois, in University Square, near the University Building

Sun. 31 October, 16:30 - Guided tour in Romanian with Angelica Iacob about the statue "Liberated Romania" by C. D. Rosenthal, in front of CEC building, Calea Victoriei 11-13

Sign-up at anca.benera(at)gmail.com

Audio-guides with the missing monuments from Bucharest can be listened to between 27-31 October, at the temporary documentation module at the KNOT in Carol Park.

Matter & History is a fictional journey through the afterlife of Bucharest’s public monuments which no longer exist. A tour-guide is describing the ghost-like appearance of the former statues and monuments as if they were still existing on their sites. The imagined descriptions are created by the use of archive images, which are narrated in the guide's specific manner and vocabulary.

Additionally, the research project comprises a publication, realized with the support of Romanian Cultural Institute and Center for Visual Introspection, which analyses the path of public monuments that have disappeared from Bucharest public space, through case studies accompanied by theoretical text, photographs, maps, and an audio guide. History of public statues reveals their statute of objects fitted into a political landscape of physical, material nature. The rewriting of history by replacing the images of the past had actually cancelled collective memory which today only consists of archives constructed by the media. This publication researches, recovers and reconstructs the memory of a past that has been erased.

Matter & History is a project supported by Global Mindscape and Siveco Romania.


Sunday, 31.10.2010 | 16:30

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