Paradox and Film

Screening with Jan Przyluski, Katarzyna Jaskiewicz

Paradox and Film

The film will be a simulation of community art films from the seventies (in correspondence to collective cinema [film składkowy] made during "Shared Culture" [Kultura Zrzuty]) and new freak cinema.
What is a paradox? (...) Tragedy is tragic (of course, even in nietzschean sense), Beckett and his followers are absurd, but Joyce or Borges are paradoxical. And so is future art. In focus of interest are now shades, levels of intensity. Towards a different way of expressing a relation between oppositions. Now it's a time of paradox.
Can film be a fusion of movement and representation as well as flux/flow, at the same time? Moving picture and life force energy. Paradox is present in all world cultures, I can prove this supposition. So what shall we do? So as Timothy Leary was saying: "I believe that new philosophy should I believe that a new philosophy will have the following characteristics:
1. It will be scientific in essence and science-fiction in style.
2. It will be based on the expansion of consciousness, understanding and control of the nervous system, and will produce a quantum leap in intellectual efficiency and emotional equilibrium.
3. Politically it will stress individualism, decentralization of authority, a live-and-let-live tolerance of difference, local option and a mind-your-own-business libertarianism.
4. It will continue the trend towards open sexual expression and a more honest, realistic acceptance of both the equality of and the magnetic difference between the sexes. The mythic religious symbol will not be a man on a cross but a man-woman pair united in higher love communion.
5. It will seek revelation and Higher Intelligence not in formal rituals addressed to an anthropomorphic deity, but within natural processes, the nervous system, the genetic code, and, without, in attempts to effect extra-planetary communication.
6. It will include practical, technical neurological-psychological procedures for understanding and managing the intimations of union-immortality implicit in the dying process.
7. The emotional tone of the new philosophy will be hedonic, aesthetic, fearless, optimistic, loving".


Saturday, 16.10.2010 | 19:30

Bucharest Event