Concert on Pole Mokotowskie

Dyko is the Australian artist John Barrie Dyke. He grew up in Melbourne and has been living in Frankfurt for several years. Dyko was formed in 2003 in Frankfurt am Main. The music and visuals are created in close collaboration with German born Christofer Jost.

Dyko’s music reflects John Barrie Dyke’s special fascination, passion and love for German culture and language and sees itself as an electronic cultural ambassador. Despite this enthusiasm Dyko questions neo-liberalism and the “Wohlstandsgesellschaft“ in songs such as „in Ordnung“ (in order) and „Vorort“ (suburb). The concerts are in part like a German language course because some of the visuals that appear in the background originate from the „Kontakte“ German language videos from the 70’s.

The music of Dyko has inspired Wolfgang Flür (Ex-Kraftwerk) to play e-drums again. Dyko’s method of creation is modeled on the Bauhaus concept of the "artist as a technician", is devoted to electro-pop and new wave and is profoundly and lastingly inspired by bands/artists such as Kraftwerk, the human league, David Bowie, Nina Hagen, Depeche Mode and Iggy Pop. The Focus of Dyko’s work is the further development of this epoch.

Thursday, 17.06.2010 | 21:00

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Event