THE KNOT – disembarkement

Discursive show featuring the Temporary Collective of Curators

The Temporary Collective of Curators (Markus Bader, Oliver Baurhenn, Kuba Szreder, Raluca Voinea) will give a brief account of THE KNOT’s prior adventures and will outline its plans for the future.

The starting point for debate is the condition of organisers of artistic projects in public space in Berlin and in Warsaw, with a special focus on the impact of the weather on public art and everyday life of open-air spaces of a major city. The TCC crew intends to creatively develop the Berlin motto of THE KNOT team: “we are dirty, wet, exposed and lonely”. Tackled matters will also include the analysis of the meaning of THE KNOT’s name, situated halfway between the reference to nodes and weaving (in English) and to failure and screwing something up (in Polish). The debate will also feature slide show coverage of THE KNOT’s journey in Berlin.

Thursday, 17.06.2010 | 20:30

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Event