8rolek & Tsar Poloz

Unplugged Concert

8ROLEK is the project of Bartek Kujawski from Poland.

His debut on Mik.Musik 'Ptak Mechaniczny EP' , which means 'mechanical bird' was immediately elected on place 16 of the top 20 of Poland´s influential Fluid magazine. The music consists of subtle shifts of synchronic and asynchronic rhythm layers, of small irregular looping segments, noisy reverbs and a non-direct stereophonic play.


Tsar Poloz is Piotr Poloz formerly known as Deuce.

His debut on Mik.Musik 'Not in the Kitchen' is a powerfull and danceable mixture of virtuoso breaks, fat beats, noisy melodies and a spicefull addition of tasty samples and vocals. It is open minded and suggestive music with reminiscences from high fidelity cyber breakbeats to african balafon-like rhythms, from hawaiian guitar playing to dolphin scratches, from Chris Issak to ultranoisy punk-rock. 
'The influences are many around here, it reads like an encyclopedia of anything in electronic music since Kraftwerk. Since everything drives by in high speed, this is a slighty exhausting record. The sound is professional and one could only dream what would have happened if he was not from Poland, but let's say the UK. Fame might be lurking around the corner probably.' 
Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly/Staalplaat Records) 

Wednesday, 12.05.2010 | 20:00

Berlin Mariannenplatz Event