Screening with Robert Bęza


YouBucurestiHD is a film about Bucarest, assembled from selected video footage found on the website: youtube.com in August 2010.

The searched keyword here is "Bucuresti"; original spelling of the name of the capital allowed to find local’s users videos, so as to create a kind of "self-portrait of the city." To achieve this I’m also using only amateur videos (excluding commercial) of the city and its residents.

I choose only high-definition video, this guarantees the actuality (HD quality at youtube.com was introduced in October 2008)  and similar level of video’s quality. That let me focus solely on the content of the videos.

The film is a confrontation of the internet representation of phenomenas and places with the reality; juxtaposition of the documentary of the online videos with author's vision of editing.

Tuesday, 12.10.2010 | 19:00

Bucharest Screening