Blind man’s buff or first communities

Salon 101 at the Knot: children’s games and plays restricted 18+

„Debating on the community form of the future, we devise social utopias, allowing the vision of society as a finite whole to seduce us. Impossibility of realisation of the postulate of ideal totality undermines our belief in the rightness of ideals that constituted its foundation”.

Any community began with an open space...when we were kids.... Come and have fun with us. Essentials: skipping rope, penknives, underwear elastic bands, paper for making pigeons, balls, sticks.....

„Playing children’s games” is accompanied by reflection upon first extra-family social ties, human as homo ludens, taste of victory and rejection.

Restricted 18+.

Saturday, 17.07.2010 | 14:00

Warsaw Praga Północ Event