Mobile vehicle project presentation by Filip Ziarkiewicz and Jagoda Glińska

The project involves building a postcivilisation vehicle that enables nomadic existence after the collapse of our civilisation. It is able to move without road infrastructure, produce fuel and provide shelter for humans. It is meant to function in the extremely primitive conditions, therefore it has to be as simple and as durable as possible.

The idea stems from the concept of building a vehicle that would be independent from world markets and oil industry. We travel into the future, where human civilisation has perished in a suicidal attack, a catastrophe triggered by unrestrained consumption and lust for power. We overtly contradict the system that obstructs technological development for the sake of retaining profits (from traditional energy sources), and thus destroys human imagination responsible for genuine civilisation development – imagination that brings about justice and social equality. We present our own strategy of liberation from energetic monopoly.

Friday, 16.07.2010 | 20:30

Warsaw Praga Północ Event
Praga Polnoc
Filip Ziarkiewicz / Jagoda Glińska