Performance by Nevin Aladag

"Hochparterre" re-stages in Warsaw a situation performed and recorded by Nevin Aladag in Berlin's Kreuzberg, where an actress delivered to the audience a series of pre-recorded interviews with passers-by from the same street where the performance took place.

The discordance between the appearance of the actress and the voices heard through the speakers, belonging to people from different ages, characters, sexes, is easily left aside as the actress is quite eloquent in her gestures in embodying all these statements. The interviewed people talk very general but also very particular issues about their neighborhood, which could easily be valid in other places as well, or on the contrary, raise curiosity about the differences. Moving the KNOT from a city to another becomes through the incorporation of such works also a way of transplanting experiences of the everyday inhabitants and making them available in a less documentary and more atmospheric way.

Sunday, 20.06.2010 | 19:30

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Event