The Shape of the Inconstruable Question – Pan-Demonium Berlin

Improvisation, Performance, Sounds & Visuals, Concert by Bricolagekitchen with Oneoftheroughs

Every spontaneous ‘coming together’ in live improvisation establishes a transitory utopian space of possibility, a short-lived site of cultural resistance. Free improvisation promises a new community in a permanent state of re-formation and potentiality.

But what are the affective possibilities of disorder and noise? Can the insubordinate utopic potenza of Pan-demonium challenge the current global political and economic situation - one in which the hegemonic forces of order have been overwhelmed by a dynamic of chaos and disorder, turning the world 'upside-down'? 

Pan-demonium offers a viral stratagem to disrupt global capitalism and its 'devils', its pan-demons and pan-demics. Following the Pan-demonium project in New York in 2009, bricolagekitchen and The Shape of the Inconstruable Question will explore the creation of a transitory utopian space both discursively and through a pan-demonic performance/cacophonic suite of argumentative, text-based, instrumental and vocal improvisation.

Saturday, 29.05.2010 | 21:00

Berlin Tempelhof Event