ReKnot - magazine by Hicham Khalidi, Karin Mientjes, and Peter Zuiderwijk


TAG is a platform for contemporary audiovisual art, organization that investigates and presents relevant developments in visual arts and music. TAG invites both unknown and (internationally) renowned artists to show their work. TAG challenges artists to excel not only in concept and presentation, but also in developing tools. The results are exhibitions, lectures, workshops, concerts, residencies and publications (web and print). TAG collaborates with a number of institutions and presents its programs in various locations at home and abroad.

Hicham Khalidi is the artistic director of TAG. He is also a freelance curator and programs exhibitions nationally and internationally, such as TodaysArt Festival (NL), MediaRuimte (BE), CTM Berlin (DE) and Multiplex/Trouwgebouw (NL). Hicham works at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, teaching second year students of Crosslab: Lifestyle and Design. He regularly receives invitations to give masterclasses, lectures and to participate in panel discussions and advisory boards (Fonds BKVB, chairmanship for the VSB Fund on diversity of Culture, Art and Science and Prins Claus Fund). Recently Hicham was elected for the Masterclass Art Critique 'Kritisch schrijven over digitale kunst' organised by Virtueel Platform in cooperation with Domein voor de Kunstkritiek and Tubelight.

Peter Zuiderwijk is an independent graphic designer based in The Hague. His work concentrates mainly on analytical processes that raise questions about perception and interpretation. Observation and re-interpretation of existing information enables formulation of proposals and counter-proposals. This research by design methodology is used in a semi-independent and commissioned context, it is also discussed on the theoretical level and passed on to educational settings.

Karin Mientjes is an independent graphic designer in The Hague working on both client and self-initiated projects. In her work she emphasises post-conceptual typography, forms of ordering, abstraction and classification. She has a keen interest in the practical, craftsman-like approach and the esthetical and personal side of handmade items. This results in a broader perspective, with projects superseding the traditional field of graphic design.

Project: ReKnot

By publishing a magazine in the context of THE KNOT Hicham Khalidi, Peter Zuiderwijk and Karin Mientjes aim to reknot THE KNOT. In essence we want to ask the questions: how is THE KNOT perceived, what is its relevance, what is the result and how does all that relate to its context?

THE KNOT will colonize 3 locations in 3 different towns this summer. Our aim is to attend every city at the end of the month (last local location). Encounters and exchange will have taken place by then and individual (or collective) projects will have developed enough to be presented.

We want to make an inventory and reinterpret THE KNOT. How do ideas relate to each other and how do projects correlate with their surroundings? Through a series of interviews we want to stage a live editorial system. The messages we send out can be questioned and discussed by participants and visitors. Thus we want to become a part of the local process of encounter, exchange and experimentation. Only after our departure will we develop the final site-specific magazine. The magazines will probably be distributed in the next location or they will find their way back to the original location through the system of initial registration, they might also acquire an unexpected nomadic function in the public space.

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