Pola Dwurnik

Mapping the Knot


Pola Dwurnik (born in 1979 in Warsaw) has been working with oil painting and various drawing and graphic techniques. In drawings Dwurnik mixes simplistic, cartoon style with live, quick sketches and realistic, complex compositions. She reflects on the contemporary reality and its social and private spheres. Dwurnik tries to rediscover a new strength of expression in the confines of a figural representation as well in painting, in which she examines the identity caught in the conflict between inner emotions and the external image.

Project: Mapping the Knot

“Since 2003 I have been working with the medium of drawing in various sites and contexts always strongly focused on a very limited subject. THE KNOT will offer me an unusual, "moving" perspective - a set of various singular events and on-going actions, planned or spontaneous, in a constantly transforming context of three different cities and its venues. It is therefore my intention to use the itinerary and the program of THE KNOT as a frame within I can produce a series of drawings, which could be created only in these specific circumstances. For the realization of this project I need to live the life of THE KNOT in as many sites, as possible, and be there with my sketchbooks through most of the time.

My project is called "Mapping the Knot" - as I intent to "map" THE KNOT in all its aspects: the expandable and transportable structure of the unit itself, the cityscapes and landscapes around it, the artists, guests and viewers, their activities and all aspects of social interaction and artistic exchange. The title refers to Bruce Nauman's famous video installation "Mapping the Studio", a phrase, which became a widely understood metaphor for artistic self-reflection. My project can be called a highly subjective documentation - the drawing would be my language and the tool of exchange with which I want to stimulate the visual and verbal imagination of the viewers, ask them questions, bother them, play with them, flirt with them, amuse them, tease them and, simply, talk to them.”

Poland Warsaw, Berlin Painting and drawings Documentation of THE KNOT