17 June - 18 July 2010

THE KNOT is coming to Warsaw on 17 June 2010. First it will encamp on Mokotów Field to set out on a journey through the nooks of the capital city, both on the right and on the left bank. THE KNOT stays everywhere for at least a couple of days, in some venues for as long as two weeks - in an attempt to enter the local cityscape.

Places / Venues

Pole Mokotowskie

17-20 June 2010. Place: Pole Mokotowskie, glade near Stefana Batorego St and Saint Andrzej Bobola St; the nearest metro station: Pole Mokotowskie


22 June - 4 July 2010. Place: Kopa Cwila hill, Roman Kozłowski park, accessible from Zaolziańska St and Nutki St; the nearest metro station: Ursynów

Praga Północ

6-18 July 2010. Place: Garden of the Konopacki Palace, Strzelecka St 11/13, Środkowa St junction; the nearest tram stops: Konopacka - line 73; Bródnowska - lines 3, 4, 25.