29. April – 30. May 2010

THE KNOT wird auf dem Kulturforum in Berlin beginnen (29.04.2010-01.05.2010) und dann weiter auf den Mariannenplatz (03.05.2010-16.05.2010) und den ehemaligen Flughafen Tempelhof (17.05.2010-30.05.2010) ziehen.

Places / Venues

29. April 2010 to 01. May 2010


The Kulturforum, which in the 1970s witnessed the beginning of realisation of highly controversial plans for Berlin’s artistic and cultural centre (National Library, complex of National Art Galleries, among others) will change overnight into a space of active entertainment, intellectual debate and artistic production – all thanks to THE KNOT.

03. May 2010 to 16. May 2010


THE KNOT’s second stop is located at the heart of densely populated Kreuzberg – at Mariannenplatz – where our residents and guests will take further artistic and discursive action as well as attempt to enter the local urban tissue.

17. May 2010 to 30. May 2010

Tempelhof Airfield

THE KNOTS final destination in Berlin are the premises of the former Tempelhof airport, subject to ongoing debates and disputes concerning the redevelopment mode for closed down buildings and urban wastelands.