Kuba Korczak



Kuba Korczak – is an admirer of cuisine, seeker after taste, a cook. He wants to share his experience, present new interesting tastes, and gives his inspiration to create delicious and beautiful meals.

As a professional cook he has already been working for nine years. Before that, would drive his Mum crazy, doing new experiments in the kitchen, which in general ended in a huge mess. She taught him perfectionism, taking care of details and how important working in sterile conditions was. For more than five years he has run his own catering company which breaks all the rules and stereotypes about cooking. He admits that surprising challenges and atypical orders are what he likes most.

From the beginning of May under the wings of Lidia Popiel, on finelife.pl website, he is starting his own culinary section called “food design”. While presenting subsequent, original recipes he wants to uncover before his guests eyes astonishing play of forms and colors. And all of these (together with detailed information about products and meals) to break horizons of man’s imagination.

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